17 January 2018

Breathe Architecture is a collaborative design environment with a broad range of skill sets and a united ethos that elevates both architectural and professional performance. 

Our greatest strength lies in strategic thinking. Questioning the status quo; undertaking exhaustive site, conceptual, systems and typological research; and always pursuing an outcome informed by and more progressive than those before it. We want to know and understand who we are accommodating and serving, how they work, how they aspire to operate, and how we can make their lives better through design. We want to inspire, engage and support the community we serve while upholding an overarching priority toward social, environmental and economic sustainability. 

Student Architectural Assistant

Breathe Architecture is looking for an exceptional, full time student.

Think about all of the things you wanted to be as an architect - forget them.

This is not an attractive position, but an opportunity to be involved in and privy to the inner workings of a great team. 

We are after someone to deal with all of the everyday stuff.  

To keep our office running smoothly. To answer the phone, manage our calendar, stoke our office supplies, and undertake other administrative tasks. 

Your primary job will be to defend the time of our Project Architects.

If you are good at your job - really good at your job - and once you have completed all of your tasks, you can then work with those Project Architects.

If this sounds like it would suit you email your CV and portfolio to enquiry@breathe.com.au 

Applications close Monday, January 22. 

Start date January 29.