Want to support socially sustainable, affordable, ethical development? Let Moreland City Council know what you think! A slideshow of the design is here and a copy of the application is here. You can also access the application directly from the Moreland website via its application number MPS/2016/685.

The Age newspaper article is here. Lots of other interesting stories and media about Nightingale are here.


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Why writing a letter of support is an important and powerful way of supporting Nightingale?

The Victorian Planning System is geared towards giving those that object to proposals the most powerful voice. And, while it is important to ensure that individuals and groups are able to voice their concerns, this means that those who support the proposal are not given many opportunities to articulate this to the decision makers. 

Writing a letter of support gives Councillors and planning staff a better understanding of the amount of support that exists for Nightingale projects and could provide them with the confidence to take the courage to make a positive decision (without fear of voter backlash).