Brother Buba Budan - The focus of the design was to retain the rustic aesthetic of the existing building and compliment the earthy character of the quality coffee being served. Over half of the 40m2 floor area is devoted to serving and food preparation. The fit-out utilised the high ceiling space by suspending the display cabinets to maximise useable bench top space. Salvaged chairs n various styles are also suspended form the ceiling. they accentuate the volume of the space and provide a relaxed atmosphere by reducing noise and diffusing the lighting. A communal bench is located at the entry, where customers can sit and appreciated the ambience of the space. Recycled and reclaimed materials, predominantly timber, are used throughout to soften the harshness of the walls and create a warm inviting environment. The built-in cabinets are an important back drop for all the reclaimed furniture selectively chosen throughout. -  Sustainability Awards 2008.