Into the Woods
Located on a treed, sloping site, in Eltham north of Melbourne, the house takes the form of three fallen trees laid together on the forest floor. These "fallen trees" serve three functional requirements: the lower living quarters; the upper bedrooms and studios; and the central, circulation spine.

Inspired by the clients "no fuss" mentality, Breathe designed a space inspired by the work of design-build Rural Studios in the south of the USA. A simple robust series of spaces, imperfect in their finish but still infused with sense of delight and wonder. The project has no painted walls or ceilings, instead employing ply and recycled timbers as interior linings. Conceptually linked to the hollow of the fallen tree, this approach also marks the progression of Breathe's work exploring the "de-materialisation" of structures, and pursuit of building only what is needed, rather what is expected.