Model House
A house in three acts, Model House is the materialisation of a three part architectural play, created for a set designer.

Act 1 – Context. The first act is about the street – its presentation and performance dramatised and choreographed for its audience: its self-similar streetscape, its heritage surrounds. Clad in all white as a card model pieced together by its set designer owner, Model House sets the scene for a now unified streetscape.

Act 2 – Home Sweet Home The second act opens with an entrance through stage left. Diverting anticipations presented by the façade, the rigorously unembellished interior volumes are either enclosed or united by drawing a red velvet curtain across the length of the house. Openings and spaces have been oriented to capture water views glimpsed through the canopies of Elm street trees or across roofscapes toward the city silhouette beyond. Clad in robust and restrained materials Model House has been designed to age and weather gracefully.

Act 3 – The studio and the courtyard An enclosed courtyard separates the working studio from the house, giving physical and mental delineation between work and home while still being visually connected.