Visualisation by Fiona Turnbull

Visualisation by Fiona Turnbull

The Nightingale Village
Nightingale Village is a collection of six Nightingale buildings, designed by six award-winning Melbourne architecture firms. Two blocks South of Breathe Architecture’s The Commons & Nightingale 1, Nightingale Village is a future precinct located on Duckett Street between Sydney Road and the Upfield Train line. Designed using the social, environmental and financial sustainability principles of the Nightingale model, these principles will be embedded in every building, and across the street. While each building has its own investors and is its own financial entity led by the architect, the adjacency of the developments offers up a unique chance to co-operate and align with each other to achieve better outcomes across the site for investors, future residents, retailers and at the street level. 

With a masterplanning and urban design input from Andy Fergus from the City of Melbourne and Openwork Landscape Architects, the Village is designed to prioritise community. Building setbacks provide public generosity, landscaped green spaces between buildings and ground floor commercial tenancies will contribute amenity and activation for Village residents and surrounding neighbours.

Like all Nightingale projects, sustainability is at the core of Nightingale Village. The Village has solar PV arrays, an embedded energy network with green power, water tanks, ceiling fans, rooftop gardens, a consolidated bike parking area, and a basement carshare hub. The Village will be 100% fossil fuel free and carbon neutral in operations.

The village will encourage social sustainability & diversity by preallocating up to 20% of apartments to Key Community Contributors and up to 20% of apartments to Community Housing through our work with housing providers such as Housing Choices Australia and Women’s Property Initiative. The Village has partnered with Ethical Properties Australia to ensure that values-aligned commercial tenants are secured for the ground floor properties.

Nightingale Village focuses on delivering at-cost housing to owner-occupiers and forming a community that is ethical, sustainable and human-centric. It’s not an urban experiment, but a chance to change the way housing is built on a wider scale and to create smart, deliberate and liveable density. There's never been anything else like it before. 

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We are proud to acknowledge the Wurundjeri people as the traditional custodians of this land.