Breathe Architecture is a Melbourne based studio, designing world class architecture with an enduring and meaningful impact on housing affordability, accessibility, and sustainability.

Our mission is to approach the built environment from a holistically sustainable perspective, attempting to reconcile ecological and social design impacts within the current economic climate. To be change agents in this space.

Our greatest strength lies in strategic thinking. Questioning the status quo; undertaking exhaustive site, conceptual, systems and typological research; and always pursuing an outcome informed by and more progressive than those before it.

We want to know and understand the needs of our stakeholders, how they live and work, how they aspire to operate, and how we can make their lives better through design. We want to inspire, engage and support the community we serve while upholding an overarching priority toward social, environmental and economic sustainability.

Breathe Architecture strives to be a holistically sustainable office that makes responsible decisions in every aspect of our practice. We evaluate environmental, cultural and financial sustainability in every task we undertake, considering liveability, material life-cycle, carbon footprint and building performance. We endeavour to design without ego - always prioritising ethics above aesthetics. Our projects regularly involve the specification of recycled materials such as timber floorboards, steel, concrete and fittings. We design robust solutions that often require no further applied finishes. When we do specify applied finishes, we ensure that they are low / no VOC, low embodied energy, and readily maintained.

Breathe currently employs 17 staff including founding/design director Jeremy McLeod, founder Tamara Veltre, director Bonnie Herring and associate Fairley Batch.

Breathe Architecture believes in the fair and equitable treatment of all persons, independent of gender, age, race or ability. We recognise humanity and individuality, and treat all employees with respect and compassion. We believe that the diversity in our company contributes to an open-minded, creative team that allows us to innovate and problem solve beyond conventional approaches.

Breathe Architecture is powered by 100% renewable energy and operates in a building that maintains a photo-voltaic array and energy storage (batteries). Breathe also purchases CarbonSocial gold standard credits to offset our carbon footprint. Breathe is a vegan office and only provides cruelty free, non-animal products for staff.

At Breathe Architecture we pride ourselves on delivering meaningful projects that inspire positive change.