Breathe is a Melbourne-based studio, creating world-class architecture with an enduring and meaningful impact on housing affordability, accessibility and sustainability.

Two people sitting on opposite sides of a narrow office space, a big timber window on one side, indoor plants and binders on a shelf on the other side. A dog sits on the floor in between the two people.

Founded in 2001 by Design Director Jeremy McLeod and Tamara Veltre, Breathe has a reputation for delivering exceptional solutions. 

We’ve remained at the forefront of sustainable design over the last 20 years by rigorously pursuing design that’s beautiful, seemingly effortless, and environmentally positive.

Breathe were the instigators of Nightingale Housing in collaboration with six of Melbourne’s best architecture firms. Nightingale Housing provides apartments that are socially, financially and environmentally sustainable, and reflects our innate ability to think laterally and productively as we deliver on our practice purpose.


Jeremy McLeod
Co-founder & Design Director
Tamara Veltre
Fairley Batch
Director of Architecture
Madeline Sewall
Director of Houses
Camilla Carmichael
Shannon Furness
Associate & Head of BIM, Technology and Innovation
Simon McDowell
Associate & Team Lead
Irma Del Valle Nachon
Business Development Manager
Ali Whelan
Linden Maginness
Design Architect
Brittany Doherty
Executive Assistant
Jacqueline Nguyen
Sarah Mealy
Heather Crang
Finance Manager
Renée Eleni Agudelo
Jonas Nutter
Architectural Graduate
Elijah Cercado
Architectural Graduate
Dion Capone
Architectural Graduate
Marcella Palma
Architectural Graduate
Mikaela Prentice
Duncan Crowe
Architect & BIM Coordinator
Patrick Kelly
Architectural Graduate
Jade Whittaker
Interior Design & Innovation
Rick Komene
Practice Manager
Studio Mascot
Studio Mascot
Studio Mascot
Studio Mascot