Breathe undertakes meaningful projects we can be proud of — those that align with our purpose and values.

Since we focus on maximising positive impact, many of our projects don’t fit the common definition of ‘architecture’.

We work to understand who we’re designing for. We strive to inspire, engage and support our clients and the broader communities we serve.

We prioritise social, environmental and economic sustainability in every project. We question the status quo to pursue outcomes that are informed by, and seek to better, those that came before.

Above all, we prioritise ethics along with aesthetics, and design without ego, to create the best outcomes for our clients and their communities.

A family of three people in a kitchen with white and timber-like materials. An open shef contains books, vases and plants.
A walkway with timber cladding arched roof supported by recycled bricks. A couple holding a child, a kid on a bicycle and two other people move through the walkway. In the foreground: a concrete set of stairs.

What we do


Breathe has a proven reputation for robust, elegant, and highly efficient architectural solutions for residential, commercial, and government clients. Our work responds deeply to communities, cultures, and their localities, and our projects are built with future generations in mind.


Not every problem needs an architectural solution. Our creative team solves problems holistically, with bespoke, needs-specific outputs: strategic documents that assess feasibility or are used to attract funding, temporary installations, or even a piece of furniture or lighting range.


Breathe works on sustainability strategy at precinct- and city-scale. We identify the barriers that stop governments and planners from finding sustainable solutions, then work to dismantle them. Often this involves brokering relationships — between power generators, energy retailers, embedded network operators and residents, for example. We also advocate for sustainability in government departments and within the architecture, property and construction industries.

Our process

1 Define

You have an idea, or perhaps a problem to solve. Together, we write a project brief and define its scope. Then, we propose an approach to a solution that solves the problem within your budget.

2 Design

The design phase is exactly what it says: a series of iterative, developing design activities that are progressively more detailed. The result? A design that responds specifically to the project scope.

3 Deliver

Through delivery, we work closely with construction and technical experts on an ongoing basis. This way, there are no surprises as we meet each project delivery milestone on time and on budget.

A partially covered outdoor seating area made of timber and decorated with plants. Several groups of people seated on tables chatting and drinking coffee. A large metal rainwater tank on the far left.