Jeremy McLeod elected to National Council

Jeremy McLeod elected to National Council

Design Director, Jeremy McLeod has been elected to the Australian Institute of Architects National Council. Climate action and helping the industry lead the way to a decarbonised future for the built environment are number one on the agenda.

Completed Project
Jan 14, 2021
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Kate Longley

Let’s Melbourne Again

⁠Our first community project of the year is complete! Lily and Henry opened Theodore's just over a year ago. ⁠They bought responsibly sourced, local and seasonal food and drinks to the people of Brunswick and they always made us feel welcome.⁠

Like most of Melbourne’s hospitality, Covid hit them really hard.⁠ They didn’t give up, instead they transformed into Ted’s Grocer, providing that same fresh produce for local households. Now, in 2021, they’ve found a way to bring Theodore’s back to us. Breathe worked with them to create a place for outdoor dining and a place for people by activating the street.⁠

We would like to thank Taubmans who generously donated paint from their new Chromatic Joy collection to add colour to the space. We would like to thank Moreland City Council for working through the street closure with the local community.⁠We would like to thank BREC for illuminating Saxon Street with magical street lights.⁠

Lastly, we would like to thank the brilliant local community for supporting Theodore’s through the good times and the hard times, for having your buildings painted to create an immersive place and importantly, for coming together on a hot summers day to paint the street, to claim it back for everybody.⁠

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Architect: Breathe and the climate challenge

The most recent issue of Architect examines how climate change will (have to) change architecture. Breathe’s own Jeremy McLeod and Madeline Sewall sat down with The Australian Institute of Architects to discuss the importance and value of being a carbon neutral practice.⁠

You can read the entire Climate Action edition for free online.

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Daniel Morton via Unsplash

Carbon neutral in 2020

In 2020, over 200 architecture practices answered the call to get their own houses in order and made a commitment to go carbon neutral. Despite being one of the toughest years Australia has seen, these practices have shown that building a sustainable future is a number one priority.⁠

We are so energised by the work the architecture community has achieved, working together to make real, positive change towards the climate crisis.⁠

Going carbon neutral is way easier than you think: a three step process is all it takes. Head over to Architects Declare Australia to download their Guide to Going Carbon Neutral. ⁠

Completed Project
Dec 1, 2020
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Anthony Richardson

Residents move into Breese Street by Milieu

Residents of Breese Street by Milieu have begun to move into their new homes nicely in time for the holiday season. These lucky folk will enjoy a fossil fuel-free and carbon neutral building designed to foster community and naturally advocate sustainable living. Breese Street is a collaboration from DKO Architects and Breathe Architecture for Milieu.

View the Breese Street project page.

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The Power of Two Podcast with Jeremy McLeod & Tamara Veltre

During Melbourne’s lockdown, Tim Ross (virtually) sat down with Breathe Co-Founders Jeremy McLeod and Tamara Veltre to chat about what it's like living and working together. We learn about their first meeting at a local Melbourne pool and delve into the groundbreaking Nightingale project that sparked a housing revolution.

Listen to the interview on YouTube.

New Award
Nov 1, 2020
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Tom Ross

Arkadia continues its winning streak

Completed early this year, Arkadia has swept up a bunch of awards in 2020 recognising the project’s innovative approach to architecture, environment and community.  Along with DKO Architecture and Oculus, we are proud to announce Arkadia has won the NSW Architecture Award for Sustainable Architecture and the People Choice Award for Life; 2020 NSW Landscape Architecture Awards for Gardens; Gold medal at the 2020 Sydney Design Awards for Architecture – Multi-Residential; 2020 Good Design Awards Best In Class – Architectural Commercial and Residential and the award for Sustainability; 2020 Think Brick Award for Landscape amongst others!

View our full list of awards.

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The Architect’s Bookshop: Isolation Talk with Jeremy McLeod

During 2020’s lockdown, The Architect’s Bookshop hosted a series of Isolation Talks focusing on the excellence of Australian Architecture grown from geographical isolation. Breathe Director Jeremy McLeod was guest on the eighth talk in the series. Watch a recording of the conversation/presentation on Youtube.