Chez Dre
With a desirably hidden Melbourne address: at the end of a bluestone lane, in an unassuming utilitarian warehouse, Chez Dre is a stylistic juxtaposition which recasts the disparate passions of a Paris trained pâtissèrie to create a stimulating and whimsically discordant café atmosphere.

The brief to reappropriate this empty brick warehouse into a boulangerie, pâtisserie and café, was coloured by a collision of inspirations. Traditional Parisian bakery shopfronts, lush Chinoiserie planting and patterning, Art Nouveau detailing and Deco geometries are abstracted and combined into a variety of spaces of differing scale. The raw interior is shaped to accommodate experiences intimate and animate, lingering and transient. With a vast kitchen, communal dining and tearoom, sumptuous long banquette seating, pâtisserie and coffee display counter and external courtyard, the plan is sequentially unfurled. Chez Dre is a home for the passions of the pâtissèrie, whose performance and produce is reflected by this similarly stimulating and theatrical environment amid Melbourne’s unique and vibrant hospitality landscape.