Edgars Creek House
Sitting on the steep banks of Edgars Creek this house is raw and elemental. It is simple and honest in its approach to siting and planning.

The home is broken down into three elements, three pavilions. One for sleeping, one for bathing, one for living. They frame a central courtyard and they frame the view through a stand of tall Ironbark trees to the west and onto the meandering creek beyond. Each pavilion is connected to the landscape, to the view, to the creek. 

The materiality of the house responds to its bushland context. A rammed earth wall shields the south of the house it talks to the sandstone cliffs of the creek below. The pavilions sit among the Ironbark trees and are clad in raw Ironbark themselves.

Edgars Creek House is all about a connection to nature. This home is about the country and the landscape in which it exists and offers a way to live as part of that system rather than trying to preside over it.

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