Inside Out House
Originally a standard brick-veneer house, Inside Out House was clad with insulation and timber transforming into a “reverse brick veneer house”.

The outcome for Inside Out House maintains high thermal mass, and allowed for a series of window seats to be scattered throughout the house overlooking the garden. The house is designed for passive ventilation, with original glazed windows replaced with double glazing maintaining its thermal properties, and fly screens applied to every window. The pergola blocks the summer sun to the living areas, while allowing northern light to penetrate the house during winter.

The house has a heat pump system for hydronic heating and domestic hot water with no cooling or air-conditioning, as well as 2.5KW solar PV array panels on the roof. Beneath the deck lie rainwater tanks plumbed to the bathrooms, laundry and garden.

Inside Out House uses Australian, locally sourced materials where possible, including the timber cladding, decking and joinery. The tapware is raw brass whilst paints, stains and sealers are all low in VOC finishes. The landscaping consists of productive gardens and fruit tress, they even have chickens.