Neuw Denim Flagship
A Melbourne based brand, born out of founder–designer Par’s obsession with collecting and re-cutting thousands of pairs of old, loved jeans into contemporary, 21st century fits. Sitting on the fringe of The Strand arcade, Neuw Denim’s first standalone retail offering invites the public to become a figurative part of the creative process.

Welcomed by a reimagined light box sign and a coir entry mat, visitors are immediately surrounded by current mood-boards, denim rolls, workshop pigeonholes and a sewing machine, often in use for complementary tailoring – all moments where customers can engage with the brand story. An entire wall of white, perforated steel cubes houses an organised denim collection, displayed to customers individually on integrated rails. An abstracted cutting table houses the store’s point of sale and digital equipment at one compact end, allowing for a flexible visual merchandising area. The operation is driven by a hidden reserve — a replenishment machine for the store’s small display area, concealed behind a series of dark, intimate change rooms.

Elements were kept simple in detail and functional in spirit, aligning with the brand ethos and budget.