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Nightingale Night School
Master of Architecture Design Thesis students at University of Melbourne are offered a selection of studio options each semester, including Nightingale Night School led by Jeremy McLeod, the managing director of Nightingale Housing and founding director of Breathe Architecture, as well as several members of the Breathe and Nightingale Housing teams.

The status quo development model is aimed at delivering buildings with maximum financial yields rather than focusing on the people who will live in the building or impact on the environment and local communities. This studio provides students with the opportunity to learn in depth the Nightingale Housing process of delivering carbon neutral, triple bottom line housing at cost, and explore pushing the boundaries of multi-residential architectural design to create meaningful contributions to the city and exceptional spaces for living in. 

Students will be taught how to run financial feasibility studies on project sites and gain unique insights into the interaction between architectural design and other disciplines involved in the procurement process such as development managers, financiers and community housing providers. They will be given the tools to undertake a Nightingale project and use these as a foundation to design in detail a medium density apartment building on a real site in Melbourne as a prototype of their vision of the future urban housing in this city.

The Nightingale Model aims to provide housing for Melbourne’s rapidly growing population in carbon neutral, well-connected, community-driven apartments – all delivered without the involvement of property developers, marketers and real estate agents to make them more socially, environmentally and economically sustainable.

At present, there are numerous Nightingale Housing projects in progress, including Nightingale Village, consisting of six buildings by six different architects in Brunswick.