Prospect House
On a windy and exposed site, nestled behind a hill, sits a metal clad nugget; a home for a gold prospector and his family.

Taking material and spatial cues from miner’s cottages and the country shed vernacular, this is a small house on a large rural block. Galvanised steel and raw ironbark cladding blends with the landscape, the form appearing as if excavated from a contour. The raw exterior palette contrasts with rich interiors; window boxes of cow hide upholstery, pastel green tile accents, mild steel details and lime-washed ply joinery. Internally, the planning is simple, compact and robust with a central core of timber battened acoustic fabric. The kitchen and wet areas not only work as a planning device to separate rooms spatially, but also work to absorb sound and provide acoustic warmth and privacy. Windows are positioned to channel views to the landscape, capture northern winter sun and direct cooling breezes.

Prospect house is small, efficient, warm and light. It is all about the outlook – toward the views and beyond to future prospects. It is about the exploration of a simple, sustainable way of life.