Stonewood House
Stonewood’s efficient and elegant floorplan offers flexibility for a humble family, whilst providing an innovative solution to heritage overlay.

The operable screens within Stonewood House transform connecting spaces, sectioning large areas into intimate nooks, directing views and channeling breezes. Folding and unfolding according to use, Stonewood reveals a different story in each configuration appearing effortlessly spacious within a modest footprint.

Passive forms of climate control have informed much of the design. An exterior window to the stairway brings in natural light, offers stolen views over trees and rooftops to the south and, when it’s opened, creates a thermal chimney effect that draws hot air up and out of the house. 

Stonewood presents a unique and aspirational solution to a designing on a modest budget, with the 8.5 star rated home employing elegant planning and passive low-tech sustainability methods of thermal comfort to enhance the quality of space for a growing family.