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Upfield Urban Forest
The Upfield Shared Path is one of the most used car-free spaces in Moreland. And yet much of it is a waste land. More than ever Melbourne needs cool, shady, beautiful spaces that encourage bike use and walking and at the same time, store water, carbon and increase biodiversity. Ordinary people within our community are working on this transformation and have formed the Upfield Urban Forest Group. Breathe are proud supporters of this community group and we help out wherever we can.

The Upfield Urban Forest group’s mission is to transform the Upfield shared path and greens spaces either side of the train-line into a safe, beautiful urban forest. A place where users can experience tranquility, shade, inspiration and connectedness. Come and join the transformation.

The Upfield Urban Foresters acknowledge the Wurundjeri as the traditional owners of the land the Upfield train runs though. We acknowledge their elders past and present. We acknowledge that the Wurundjeri cared for this once beautiful area and that its present state of neglect and damage is a consequence of the British invasion of country from 1835 onward. We recognise the on-going sovereignty of the Wurundjeri. This place always was and always will be Aboriginal land.